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Release : Jun/03/2011

[H-GAME] Girls and Monsters ~ Paradise with Birds and Spiders (Firstly) ~

[H-GAME] Girls and Monsters ~ Paradise with Birds and Spiders (Firstly) ~

During the era and people are fighting demons, spiders Aranye princess was very bored.
To hide from a fight with an extra, however, repeated the same routine in the house just plain lonely.
We try to Suiku 吹Kkake reckless challenges and the first girl demon girl Rupyua attendant birds, like my heart that will never be satisfied.

"So bored bored Well Eh Ei! Today I have something more interesting to me!"
"So even 言Imashi princess in the land ... and such an interesting, very very"
"... The end of the war trying to jitter. And most of it."

Two attendants persuade them vain, for I knew I would not explode at any moment Aranye.
Aranye current run on the mind of that.

"That's right,'ll summon! If you have the power of the mistress, and no trouble opening the door to other world!"
"Hey, princess! I Yamemashou. I would not even be sure 碌!"
"Only bring the inspiration of every awkward princess.'s Daunting"

But two attendants into the wind, the Aranye lasts listen, to force open the door to summon a different world.
So what ... what appears bounced Aranye of hope, anxiety Rupyua likely to be crushed, amazed Suiku tongue-tied.

"Ttee on earth ... What is it, like a sudden explosion ... Hey, Yakoryaatsu thou?"

Appeared in the person of the male Hibiki.
Hibiki to be cleared somewhere else to look to snap a sudden event, is happily very Aranye.
What you bring these encounters, feelings, holding on to three different, but four people living together ...

"Gimme a break! I attributed?"
"Then not. Summon one way, I'll sense this is common sense"
"There is talk ーーー you damned ridiculous!"

It was four people began living together.
Well well, We'll see.
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[H-GAME] Girls and Monsters ~ Paradise with Birds and Spiders (Firstly) ~