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Release : Jul/15/2011

* A New Sex Law is in Force! Every Day Is Birth Day! *

My name is Yamato. I am a rare person.
That is to say, I am one of the 0.01% of the population that is "male".

What happened, you ask? The curse of god or the work of devils,
nobody knows. But the whole world's male birth rate took a nosedive.
Now the ratio of men to women is 1:10721!
This unprecedented crisis of humanity requires new legislation.

Today, the sex law goes into effect:

1) Adult male masturbation is forbidden.
2) Contraceptives are forbidden.
3) No adult female shall refuse the sexual advance of an adult male.
4) Refusal of sexual advances by any female will invoke the Child Conception Countermeasure Law.
5) Lapsed activity in procreation by any male will invoke the Child Conception Countermeasure Law.

Welcome to the new world order, where f*cking is the most important thing.
Happy Birth Day every single day, to all fornicating men and women!

Nonstop sex action comprising over 120 anime clips!
Bouncing breasts and dynamic body writhing hip-to-hip!
800x600 windows or full screen movie. MUST SEE!

The ADV story focuses on a male protagonist.
His partners are two sisters, childhood friend elder and her tsundere imouto.
What a lovely pair of girls to spend this government-ordained sex life!
File size: 676.6 MB

[H-GAME] Pregnant World: The Movie -Every Day Is Birth Day-

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