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Release Year: 2011

Genre: 2D Fighting, , Mature, Guro, Tentacles
Censorship: Is the game (games) distribution

Developer / Publisher: StudioS
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Informal
License: Freeware
Language Games: Japanese
Language: Japanese + English
Language: Japanese
System Requirements: P3 700, 128 DDR, 64 Video, DirectX 7 + Keyboard

Description: Continuation of the brutal fighting game StudioS. Compared with the original added a male and four female characters
How to
When the enemy with no raiment cram the "down back" On Pressing this combination will increase the speed, the 3rd cram will cause the finish.
can merely be female characters

When the enemy with no garments cram the "back down" by S. A-beat the enemy, in-accelerate, the C-end.
can merely be female characters

Unknown critter :)
When the enemy with no garments cram the "down front" E, or hold a combo DDD D. A beaten enemy, in-accelerate, the C-end
can solely be female characters

When the enemy with no garments cram the "down back" A.-accelerate, the C-end.
You can and male and female characters

File size: 324.2 MB

Battle Slave Fantasia. Special Edition

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