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Release : Jun/12/2012

Gadalf the Great Demon and his Three Shogun were summoned into the world.
It was disaster. The people fled and cowered, but one woman stood against em: Zamus the Warrior.
Zamus and Gadalf's armies battled for seven days as blood was spilled and spilled, and lastly, Zamus fell.
But her death was not in vain.
Hallelujah the 3rd took up the victory campaign and raged against Gadalf's diminished forces.
She shoved onward to the Great Demon's castle. It was a splendid siege.

Today the world is controlled by babes... and shrouded in darkness.
Men are slaves. They are suppressed, emasculated pawns.
... ...
It's a worse fate than any in history!
Rise up studs, and resurrect the Demon King! Restore dignity to mankind!
Ravish the sweethearts who have dominated for so lengthy. Gang! Bondage!
Tentacle! Creampie! FFFFAAAAAAACKKKKK!!!

The furious pent-up semen of hundreds of years looses itself in wild white ribbons!
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An Erotic RPG
Gameplay: 10 hours
No installation necessary

File size: 247.4 MB

[H-GAME] Gadalf the Great Demon