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Release Year: 2012

Takeru Tojo (young cutie is a problem student with an obsession with superhero TV.
But she's likewise a transforming heroine who battles the secret cold-blooded gang Shocking Star.
One night the protagonist is saved by her, and finds out her secret. The protagonist has no choice but to become a hero sidekick.
Off we go with the spunky selfish angel to do battle with villains!

Transforming heroine assault AVG
Adventure game style story part
RGP style turn-based battle part
Defeat villains to progress the story, or lose to view sex events.
Build up the heroine's stats via training events to win greater quantity!

Lots of hardcore unequalled situations including...
tentacles / slime / vore (swallowing) / gut punch / petrification (freezing) / obese stomach / machine sex / interspecies birht / r*pe / group-sex / throatf*ck (blowjob) / public sex / dog play / assault broadcast / battle arena / sex object / cum washout / jizz vomiting / and greater amount

51 base CG works with variations for 338 total
27 sex events (all scenes of assault)

Metal Edge Girl Blazer -Tsundere Trainsforming Heroine Assault AVG-

Metal Edge Girl Blazer -Tsundere Trainsforming Heroine Assault AVG-

File size: 502.8 MB

Metal Edge Girl Blazer -Tsundere Trainsforming Heroine Assault AVG-

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