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Release : Oct/05/2012

* Situations
Lolified Masamune Date of Oshu receives a womb full of juice, face full of gape!
Mikawa's Ieyasu Tokugawa a.k.a. Tanuki Musume receives violated with a sexy POP of her virgin anal cherry!
The chief of the Saiga Clan is passed down sexy jizzy spunkloads of ancestry!
With fascinating words, Kenshin Uesugi is conquered by creampie and fake gestation.
Hip slapping thrusts of SEX up in the r*pe of Kotaro Fuuma!
Basically tons of creampies and corpulent bellies of ahegao gals from Japanese history!
Enjoy Ranmaru Mori sex-slaved in advance of loving Nobunaga's eyes!
Nobunaga goes nuts and lights a fire! The flames ain't going out out of
a sperm-soaked explosion of extinguishing retrofire piss-jizz!
... and greater amount.

* Story
I fell down a manhole and somehow ended up in the fields of battle-torn Old Japan.
...But there was smth weird about this world.
Everyone I knew from the history books, they were all here... but they're cute cuties!?
Hideyoshi captured me and I was enslaved in Nobunaga's camp.
Then by chance, I got my hands on a very specific fan, which makes any angel wild for me by waving it.
"Marvelous. Your copious cum will flood the insides of our enemies. Go forth and conquer, my engorged foot soldier!"
Yessir! I told. Yesma'am!
Enjoy your reign of vigour during the time that it lasts, Nobu-chan. I'm going to turn this jetblast of jizzum on u eventually...
Screw history... this era belongs to me!!

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[H-GAME] Nobunaga and Hideyoshi and Ieyasu!? Cum Balloon Girls of Japanese History!!

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