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Release : Nov/16/2012

A game about married and aged sweethearts!! The 8th production from "a Matures"!!
Hot ladies in their midlife in sailor outfits, erotic bikini, china suit, cheerleader outfits and greater amount!
Fall in love with a mother id like to fuck and her imouto with large marangos: a hawt harem cosplay love story!
Hikaru Migakeba and Carlos, the staffs from "Confessions of a Debauched Wife", depict a buxom bashful boss in her 30s.
Choose from multiple endings and branching situations as u chase heroine Mitsuru......
Optional pubic hair ON/OFF!!

* Story
"Um... how is it...? ... Do u feel precious? ... ... Please... cum... cum for me..."
Her scones spilled lewdly from the open front of her curvy form-fitted chinese suit.
Such an enticing body was at odds with her demure personality.
She was my company manager, Mitsuru Saeki, endlessly hot and endlessly appropriate.
Her face blushed red as this babe stared at my erection, timid and breathlessly anticipating my sex cream.
Since that day this guy delivered some documents and this chab learned of Mitsuru's cosplay and her younger sister Marue,
the 3 of em were in a deepening love affair...

* Characters
Mitsuru Saeki, age 32 (CV: Himari)
The protagonist's boss. Wears glasses, prefers minimal makeup.
Dedicated and worthwhile at her job, she's an exceptional manager.
Yet this babe is ashamed of her big melons and somehow lacks confidence.
She remains a virgin, is envious of her younger sister.
Despite her rank, this babe speaks to everybody as though they are superior.

Marue Saeki, age 22 (CV: Ayana Sumoto)
A drifter betwixt jobs. Mitsuru's younger sister. Is somewhat Internet renowned
for her cosplaying. She worries about her aged sister's lack of a dating life
and likewise has a crush on the protagonist who too cant live without her.
Unlike Mitsuru her meatballs and a young face fuel Marue's merry
charm, which this babe happily express to anyone.

13 CG base pics, 201 total incl. variations
Over 1200 spoken lines, FULLY VOICED heroines
A robust scenario totaling 180kb in text
CG mode / event mode / hands-free mode
1024x768 screen size

File size: 473.6 MB

The Melancholy of Buxom Cosplay Boss Mitsuru