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Release : Nov/29/2012

A married woman who's solely ever known the boring touch of her spouse
awakens the ravenous lewdness within her as an AV actress.
ABSOLUTELY dominated by rough-talking dudes with GIANT ramrods who know how to
f*ckstart her neglected womanhood back to life! She forgot could feel this worthwhile!
Experience her gratification during the time that u acquire yours!
Rich, realistic touch illustrations of throes of ecstasy, by artist Fige!

* Story
".......... Just u watch here... Let me talk to my spouse. I DESIRE TO TALK TO KAZUKI!"
The walls shook with her outrage.
But even as that babe yelled, the 2 chaps continued their syrupy, crooked smiles.

"Work with us, lady... aahh... Yoko-chan. ... You're 35 years old? ... You look younger. Nah. Let's go with your real age."
Said his assistant, "Customers love that type of thing. Let's give it to em str8."

As if this babe wasn't even there, in her own home, totally powerless.
Her spouse managed an unprofitable cafe that had gone into unfathomable debt, so he'd taken loans from a chap who was now collecting with interest.

"You've been sold, lady. Debt collateral, your own spouse gave u up."
She resisted. "That's... that's not... u have to let me talk to him... I don't make no doubt of u. Please..."
"Yoko-chan, darling, the fact you're here is proof sufficiently."
"Liars! I'm leaving.... I'm going home to acquire the truth from him---"

She turned to the door but somebody grabbed her wristed and pulled her around.
"Yoko-chan, that debt will chase u home... how will u pay it?"

She struggled with herself. The obligation, the false sense of choice.
Her spouse having lost anything, his back hunched and frail like a starving beast.
If this babe could just submit, do what this babe had to...
To receive home to her spouse, they could begin over new...

"Okay... I'll let u... use me. Get your specie back."

If solely this babe had known the future this babe was laying when these words were spoken.

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