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Release : Dec/07/2012

* Prologue

The king of the world's almost all meaty land, Ariakan,
dispatched four heroes to destroy the demon king.

However, the four heroes were no match for heartless, and all perished.

Grief widen through the land.
Everyone became glum and dispirited. The king himself became
a redundant, inactive no thing in his castle. The people called him "neetking".

It was then that a single stud took a stand.
His name was Hero.
A beginner in each way, that guy heard the righteous calling of destiny.

* Characters

Hero, the hero, a rookie who has
yet to lose his virginity,
but too not his hope!!

Cleric, the somewhat ecchi youthful lady
who is a cleric. She makes love with Hero,
against her will. That would be "r*pe".

The awkward, honest Warrior. So useless.
Oh well.

The Martial Artist, who leaps to
act at a moment's thought. A living
weapon has not at any time been denied enjoyment.

* Warning

Depicts lots of r*pe imagery.
Depicts lots of NTR (netorare/cuckoldry).
Depicts some interspecies sex.
For fans of immoral multiformity.

The cleric is solely a little bit hot.
I love that type of cleric.

The martial artist goes on a rollicking r*pefest.

All monsters were designed by me. :)

* Contents

20 CG base + 76 variations!!

* Staff

Planned by Chomo Ranma T
Illustrated (scenes) by Yawaraka Concrete (Yawakon)
Illustrated (monsters) by Myoga Shokunin
Written by Chomo Ranma T, Nijime
System by Nijime

Created by Sky Walk

Ver 1.01

File size: 399.9 MB

The MARTIAL ARTISTs Slight Transgression