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Restore the sanity of eight lost deities as u roam all over the island!
Freeroam RPG, the 1st product from Nibarera!

* Setting
The off-world island of Fellaments.
For five days you're stranded here in paradise.
How will u spend em?

After 5 days your rescue ship will surely come. There are no bad endings.
There are very scarcely any forced/linear events as this is an open world.
Explore your way. It's all up to player choice.
For fans of open world/freeroam.

* Enemies
All enemies are cute brute angels on an island devoid of studs.
Capture and collar em to domesticate em as sex pets.
You can then freely make love, or sell em for profit.
Certain domesticated beast beauties can be bred if u keep em.

* Spirits
While you're exploring you'll learn of the eight spirits who've gone avid.
Only the protagonist is capable of restoring their sanity.
Help em and you'll surely be rewarded

Spirits cannot be "harmed" but u gain experience that can be
applied in advance of u sleep every night. When your spirit energy is
depleted u can have sex to acquire it back.

* Villagers
Get romantic with the locals during your stay.
There are a multiformity of shops with a multiformity of services.

* System
Easy mode option for faster progress
Dash, text skip, pose toggle on/off, message log,
volume, auto mode, album mode, etc. features
You can even craft a "time rewind" item
Easy to play, no worries about getting stuck

* Includes all event CGs
Clear the game (any ending) for a password to unlock the CG collection.

250 base CG photos (over 500 total incl. variations)
1MB text scenario (incl. sex events)
Over 100 sex events

Short game with massive volume!

File size: 201.8 MB

Elements ! Ver1.1.03