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Release : Jan/31/2013

Anette the magical detective braves the Labyrinth of the Wolfling
to try and discover her missing brother. The erotic sleuth-search RPG!


The Labyrinth of the Wolfling... It's a place of dangerous monsters, half human, half animal.
It took the life of her brother, or so it's believed. In the footsteps of her sister Rona, youthful Anette
the novice magical detective sets off on a quest to learn the truth.
Her travels take her into the raunchy corridors of the labyrinth, throughout towns full of lecherous
fellows. Guide Anette on an ero-ero quest!


Special attention was dedicated to the sex situations.
You have several options like becoming a stripper or prostitute, letting the male characters hit on u, etc.
Aside from the game, the central feature is "kisekae H mode" (dressup mode, with voice).
Her outfit can be customized as can the level of her shame, number of cumshots, number of paramours, etc.
Choose whether she's tormented, permeated, adjust her positions, go hardcore, make her preggo, etc.!

* 40 CG base photos (272 total)
* 30 scenes
* 33 kisekae outfits

kisekae H mode
pixel art animation (kisekae H mode)
voice (kisekae H mode)
CG replay mode

Gameplay: 10-15 hours

File size: 258.0 MB

Magika Detektive Anette - Kisekae Sleuth RPG -The Secret of the Wolfling