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Release Year: 2012

Genre: Animation, Slavery, Gangbang, Toys, Ahegao, X-Ray, Mind Break

Untold story of Yukari Miyamura is now added to make the complete edition of "Iron-shelled Ai"!
Cruel hands of the inernational human trade organization "Sacrifice" reaches Yukari!!
Also, u can now see the raunchy training in pretty animation!

"Brainwashing and training of a female investigator" Adventure
Ai Fujisaki goes by the alias "Iron-shelled Ai" and is regarded as the most excellent and strongest investigator with an ability to turn her body into metallic.
Ai has been targeting a secretive criminal organization called "Sacrifice" for many years.
All sweethearts victimized by this group were all renowned people and celebrities; they all vanish for a certain period then return with a blurred memory.
Then, all those hotties end up in illegal sex parlors working as prostitutes. What have been done to em during the abduction?
The case involves: Trainer X, an executive in the group, Yukari, Ai's partner, Miwako, Ai's mother and collaborator in the scrutiny, Mai, a popular idol who appears to be to have been kidnapped.
Now Ai's hopeless battle against the cold-blooded organization begins!

*Forced humiliation by brainwashing
While the reason resists, the brain and the body can do no thing than to obey any wicked order...

*Merciless discipline to destroy Ai's pride!
Ai was given various sexually humiliating orders, and has horrible experiences such as virginity loss out of lenience and machine assault. And the organization too strikes her mother...!

File size: 1.0 GB

Koukaku no Ai ~Senzai Ishiki e no Mesubuta Kokuin~ Complete Version

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