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Release Year: 2013

Studio: Let'm mouth kerf 2

Video language: Japanese

Oniyarai reign hero who was a transfer in the history of the city and tourism.He is a peculiar interact with the monster in the black roots of the human soul, coz u ate half the souls in existence at an early age, "Kozhin with fangs", was involved in his own little "sense (otherwise)," that it was the constitution. One worthy day (clause) and the starting of the reign of the summer on the roof of the school building and gardenia gardenia otherwise speak. Early summer appears to be to be smth lost. (Water Tsuburaya) appears to carry water detective Tsuburaya there that solves this problem. We reign, to keep up with water to begin Kikikomu. Nose around the school and the town, we will group and Kiyomi Kikikomu Yu, who is too the iris. Along the way, the problems caused by unruly water that is out of control, hiding her face in the fact that the board breasty Ayame, Kiyomi based skirts ...... Yu is or. Minamoto rule, the air in the atmosphere around the 2 by surprise, like dating. Under their rule, which would be involved in bad favour with the group, but Yu. Water care board was injured. Two precious and wicked as ... to expand. School in the classroom, on the roof. The report at the starting of the summer can not be discovered promised "things to watch" reign. Two studs were preaching to the teacher, but suddenly appeared. Reign's hand, suddenly ran into the early summer. Back at the gym out of human care, early summer erase nagging presence of gardenias. As if they were open at one time the feelings that had been sealed until now, this guy clung to the rule and language are intertwined. Physical education in the warehouse, 2 guys brutally embarrassed ....... The fierce battle with the monster in front of "the meaning of (otherwise)" is called. Carefree smile to early summer and water show, the mind of the Board will be maintained.

Format: mp4

Duration: 33:41

Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264), 662kbps

Audio: 125kbps

File size: 197.3 MB

Hen mystery of early summer Minamoto Detective

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