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Release Year: 2013

Beastf*cked to epic levels of joy,
female soldiers are inducted to a party of strumpets!

The village was overrun with monsters---

Men were savagely devoured. Women, enslaved as breeders.
Minion hordes were accompanied by giant winged demons.
The town's almost all rock hard hunters mobilized, but they were no match.

In one night Incalot was reduced to rubble.
As they were ravished, hunters Anya and Noel made a vow.

"Someday..... we will have revenge---"

* Female soldiers unbelievably f*cked in ways no human can ever do!

* Pregnancy! Birth! Moral corruption! Mated by bestial depravity!

Kataru - the molluscoid that poisons it is paramours with aphrodisia
Taliskus - the great brute with multiple penises that enshrouds it is prey, as food or paramour
Ryle Yark - a phlegmy thing with one biggest throat, no teeth, and nine tongues

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Shamed Huntress - I Dont Want To Give Birth To That