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Release Year: 2014

Number of pages: ~ 14500
Format: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, zip

Nikubenki - Girls-Toilets. In general, it is to refer to Japanese Matiuk cheap strumpets and wanton strumpets.
The closest American counterpart - Skank.
"Young, dumb, low hygiene and chaotic raunchy relations. In the morning wakes up with a hangover, in the company of strangers.
Often forgets to take their specie. Even sweetmeat is greater amount expensive than it is deep-throat. "

Category in this release hooks in the nose, Leg Spreaders, Fisting and Gape, Stomach Bulge, Slaves, Ganguro, Girls on leashes, Beaten, Reyp. Of uniforms, the teacher and the addition of some nuns. And a entire bunch of stuff in.

File size: 5.5 GB

Nikubenki(肉便器)- Human Fuck Toys 2014