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Release Year: 2014

Year : 2014
Genre : Vn, Blowjob, Group sex, Big mangos, Anal, Oral, Gangbang, Pregnant
Platform : PC / Windows
Language games in English
System Requirements : OS: Win98SE/Me/2000/XP; RAM: 256MB/512MB.

Description : It is responsible for development and financial reconstruction of Osaka, which is one of the organization of the institution.
Are composed of these almost any clerks have a guilty conscience, who know the detailed activities that are greatly uncommon.
I had been said, and move substantially institution called Osaka (range Kurashima) range Kurashima and "mastermind", sometimes "the face of the back" which is Executive Director.
This organization and called "back agency" or "Redevelopment Authority" is a legal organization to support from behind against illegal financial reconstruction and redevelopment of Osaka went bankrupt, and regardless of the means.
Not threaten to action precious of the so-called crime, to carry out the mission with all hands, that's inconvenient it all hush up.
Director-General I of the various privileged, out of even escape from the troublesome thing to fine attendance usually are spent comfortably in the apartment rags.
One day - underneath the I, Kakimoto of Osaka has been sent an representative to use.
"Because of financial reconstruction of Osaka, crave to make a major entertainment district" -.
I asked "Mitsukuroi a precious woman of materials for work in the entertainment district, tailored crave to slave" as early as talk.
Oh, and if for the reconstruction of our Osaka, no reason to refuse.
The enjoyment was worthy to receive a job a lengthy time, I was a fearless smile.

File size: 1.9 GB

Crisis Oosaka  back with the advent of a new