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Release Year: 2014


Monsters of old, which has been sealed is resurrected, Astoria realm is undressed to danger of extinction.
Reirisu is a knight of the realm strongest (hero and ), to save the realm
I defiance to subdue animal.

Reirisu How can u defeat the magical animal and save the realm ...
Or is it lost to demons, or from being conceived and being drilled?


Female knight to be screwed in Piledriver

Muramusume who receives screwed in a village raid by Mamonotachi

Is conceived to the demon, and gave birth to a ch*d of monsters and being screwed in the abdomen blobbing

Female knight to be laid an egg in the arse

Female knight is allowed to reiterate the gestation → birth in the womb of the demon

Subordinates our Knights captured, it is attacked by the demon

It is Tits by body remodeling, woman knight that are fallen to female slaves

While being blame, Anal Fisting

Princess to be taken away to the demon, is to Nagusamimono of monsters of old

Manipulated by the demon, Pies and H customers tavern as dirty dancer

And so on ......


woman knight: Reirisu (CV: Oyama Tyrol)
Konoe knight head of Astoria realm.
It has the strength of the strongest realm, trust of the king too thick.
While the monsters of old is resurrected, offensive demon stronger,
The Knights left to the defense of the country, the defiance to subdue monsters alone.
Strong sense of responsibility, hard on oneself.
Because it is too a noble, Uruwashiku Mimetics, dignity is full likewise conduct.
Get along well personally and Aria princess, the d*ughter of the king, I have sworn loyalty.

d*ughter of King Astoria: Aria Hime (CV: SayakaTakashiryo)
Only d*ughter of the king Astoria.
Personality beautifully gentle heart, and is endeared thicker from knights and people.
Sometimes it is the solely d*ughter, we are brought up overprotective,
Not even be mentioned in the contrary sex other than the king of the f*ther.
The Reirisu of Konoe knight head, acquire along well in a position greater amount than just knight and princess,
I have received the absolute trust.

Beast of old
Magical animal that caused the people magic war led the demon one time.
It has been sealed over 500 years of the eternal, but resurrected by demons another time
I have started the invasion.
I have a large frame and vigour sufficiently to destroy at one blow even the gate of robust Citadel.

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RJ125570 Woman Knight