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Release Year: 2014

...... Which had been faced with the decision firefly Saotome (Saotome firefly). One day, that babe went to institute during the time that earning tuition part-time job due to circumstances of the household is subject to a proposal to take over the tuition Kunugi Azusa is a teacher from (Kunugi Azusa). But, it intended to look for the return of course, be required to cooperate with the study of ecology and improvement of insect promoted by Azusa. Azusa out of the compulsion to fireflies that do not put out the answer just now, to give time to think. It was a firefly waver, but part-time job would be to Bale (Kamina maple) Kannagi maple is the student president, it is taken to quit. Firefly to either know the situation and asked to answer from Azusa once more, I asked what I should do. Then, in Azusa say more excellent to receive a look at the fast, and is guided to the phrase room. Kamogawa bud Love (Kamogawa niece) is drilled by a huge insect, there was a figure-stricken indecently in the room. Azusa give out it's a cooperation that I crave to do is this. A heterogeneous scene that takes place in front of the eyes, answer fireflies put

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Konchuu Kansatsu Shu