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Release Year: 2015

Hero, god-Yurinasu of Fucking living in the underworld.
But these who will give to create and receive the statue of Yurinasu is Orazu, rank is not very high.
It's where u desire to be a valuable relationship with the celebrated Celestial Athens Busty by raising the rank, but this chab does not go quite so.
One day, Yurinasu that Kyojiru to a nice ally of the Grim Reaper-furlong and sword play play as ordinary.
But then, it would have been skipped suddenly showed that pushing a strange rock projections to lower tied (the human world).
Yurinasu who regained consciousness, was no longer stuck in Romania empire frontier forest.
In order to escape, there is no choice but to acquire the force asked to create their own image.
When growling and whether these, males of the milk group is coming to it.
When Yurinasu places a voice, the guys of the milk group is misunderstood him a devil, it was to try to exterminate the reverse.
But there, the hair from the woods appeared a woman of snake, I would be the some of the villagers to stone.
The end of hassles and milk group was fear a snake woman, determined not solely Julius borrow f. and would be the devil.
To make an image of the Yurinasu, Yurinasu obtained the vigour thanks to the play to escape from the tree.
"Devil-like, please somehow getting rid of monster in the forest"
Yurinasu will be allowed made his image to villagers, and to face the monster of a woman.
Genre: Fantasy, Angels, Princess, Dark Skin, Big bazookas, Anal, Blowjob, Titsjob, Harem
Censorship: Is present
Developer/publisher: Waffle
Platform: PC/Windows
Edition sort: Original (license)
Tablet: It isn't required

File size: 2.5 GB

Kyonyuu Fantasy 3

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