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School trains rush each morning .
Field studies of mediocre male students out of deserve , had spent the day-to-day unchanged this day to say this .
It is the craving in front of the university , u are looking at the darkness Shoseki Haruka was love at 1st sight is reflected in the car window .
I think u can , try to place a voice is what this day shy personality is merciless ,
Had spent each day u just look gently so as not to notice her at all times .
One day , as a trigger to change the shy personality of their own , Manabu is to try to stop
It would have been stymied is misplaced anger to pervert stud in reverse .
Woman , to have saved such a calyx , was Natsumi Kuga , which has been surprisingly .
Natsumi , blurt out that it has been deliberately pervert to acquire the fun to Manabu are relieved crisis away .
" Why ? Such a thing "
"I did ended up being in this kind of body ! That guy ! "
Natsumi elicit from the university out of regard to Manabu tilted my neck to suggestive words , why they tried to stop a pervert all the way .
Manabu disclose out of his chest and face down that far .
" ... But . WAKE I wanted to change the character of their own , I do not appear to be like it has changed "
After all , look at the Manabu frustrated in myself no thing Kaware mentally , Natsumi u come up with to shame the woman action .
It was a science to resist deployment of a sudden , but remember the passion to a recent sensation to touch an adult woman , stet likely .
" Please come here the next day likewise , Tara wanted to continued "
It would go at work and dashing to leave the word .
If u rush to the bath for Manabu was A Mote crave Cry dimensions stop ejaculate ,
I meeting with Kakei Miyoko of classical literature teacher of school now .
" ...... Let Mr. oral job field , the teacher "
"Do I say teacher ! What?"
" If I do not go against it ...... coz I ordered so ...... I mean , me."
Miyoko and Natsumi .
From the time I met aged 2 hotties , everyday was mediocre of Manabu switching dramatically point , go scampering -
The aim is to touch Madonna of lust , and much greater amount.

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Chaser to Chikan Train Man Gaiden Legend 3D