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Release Year: 2009

Nanao Inuzuka is a youthful chap who grew up in the Yuunagi Estate, a secluded mansion standing on the shore of a nice-looking lake. The youthful man's duty is to manage the estate and take care of the 3 juvenile Yuunagi : Nanoha, Noa, and Yakumo. Needless to say that the second part of his duties far outweighs the 1st. The are all alone in the mansion - so what are u expecting for, hero?..

HomeMate is similar to SchoolMate in gameplay style: it is basically a simulation of sex. The point here is not to win the angels' graces throughout elaborate dating mechanics: the cuties willingly submit themselves to the protagonist from the get-go. There is hence no "goal" in the game. Unlike in Schoolmate, the player can freely move the hero around and explore the 3D environments of the estate grounds. It is possible to interact with various objects (pick up diminutive animals, sit or lie down, etc.), but almost all of the interaction is dedicated to the cuties. The game presents a "creating" menu with wide customization possibilities. It is possible not solely to suit up the gals in a multiformity of garments, but change their physical characteristics, including some very private details.

The sex scenes occur whenever the protagonist meets a cutie and the player "clicks" on her. Like in many other Illusion games, HomeMate indeed simulates sex: the player moves the mouse and the characters on screen interpret this as actual movements during raunchy intercourse.

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@Home Mate
Hongfire Patch

Developer / Publisher : Illusion
Platform : PC / Windows
Language: English
System Requirements : Minimum OS Class Required: Windows XP , CPU: Pentium4 3.0 GHz, RAM: 1Gb, Graphics Card 256 mb, DirectX: 9.0c

File size: 2.7 GB

@Home Mate

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