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Release Year: 2016

Our most-advanced realisation : Real-time Ero Body

Female bodies texture, breast movements, H motions, fluids, maps, shadows, customisations... all of these received a large-scale power-up !
Thanks to the newly-developed "Ero Real Shader", greater quantity real than everything made so far, u will have a fun hard H !

Part 1 : A commitment to real female body

In PlayClub, with the use of "Ero Real Shader", u can freely customise the characters at any time to make em nicer.

•(Breast) The recent built-in Oppai Slider Special allows u to customise (breast) weight and zeppelins !
•(Head) Make your own unparalleled faces with complete customisation of every element position, angle, size, etc...
•(Body) Ero Real Shader powers up anything ! Thanks to the color and gloss settings, u can give life to a wide diversity of character's types.

Part 2 : Welcome in the shame and enjoyment sex club !

Recurring in the mysterious abode, the feast of the lewdness demon club. Enjoy seeing these hotties, who were reluctant at 1st, gradually becoming unable to fight against the fun !

Women who were resisting at the starting > are disciplined to joy > until they break

Also, have a fun your unparalleled, neverseen H scene, by transforming the player into a massive, a indecent guy, a woman, etc... Do not miss this , immodest, charming H that u wouldn't be able to experience habitually.
* The "female" player can be customised *

Part 3 : H Scene Features

In PlayClub, you'll be able to have a fun a wide diversity of H scene features.

•"Realtime Characustom" let u customise your character during H
•"Monkey Piston" enables a furious piston that matches the speed of your mouse clicks
•"H Anywhere" allows u to freely position and rotate (the characters) inside the map with your mouse
•"Free lightning" allow u to freely change the light source orientation
•"Talk Voice" to listen to the character current feelings

Illusion PlayClub

Illusion PlayClub

File size: 2.0 GB

Illusion PlayClub

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