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Release Year: 2016

Genres: hentai anime

In Demon City Toyko, a place populated by one as well as the other humans and demons. A peace was acceded upon, but the humans have formed their own secret organization. In a darksome alley, Ingrid is walking whilst a woman is being by a demon. Ingrid is wearing a dark short miniskirt and has pink hair, this babe notices the but the demon disappears throughout the ground. She likewise notices a blonde hotty and tells her to go home. She proceeds to search the darksome streets.

At a giant tower in downtown, Ingrid meets with Edwin Black, her boss. The door opens and Kiryuu enters the office. He mentions this guy captured the anti-demon hunter Murasaki who is fastened to a ottoman. He desires to integrate her. Edwin suggests Ingrid to oversee this interrogation and that babe doesn't trust Kiryuu.

Ingrid wanders into a church and notices a stud standing there. It's Kiryuu and the doors close. She desires to catch him and the gargoyles from the roof suddenly turn alive and try to fight The Dark Knight Ingrid. She changes into her Witches dress and laughs at their attempt. She uses her sword taking the demons out. Kiryuu changes into part monster as Ingrid proceeds the fight destroying everyone in the room with her vigour. The blonde cutie from in advance of stands in front of Ingrid and then discharges blades into her and changes into a wicked freaking monster. spill out from her body and her face changes to Kiryuu! He was in disguise and lastly trapped Ingrid.

In a castle, Ingrid is fastened up in and is placed with a aphrodisiac throughout her teats and back. She doesn't like this and wishes him to catch her. He begins to her twat with his knob as one more orc whips her bawdy cleft. She begins to pee as some other monster grabs her arms and pushes his massive dong inside her. Ingrid receives one more knob put inside her backdoor as is double screwed. Her giant bazookas bounce up and down as the orcs cum, flooding one as well as the other her holes. On the floor, one more demon begins to fuck her snatch with his tongue as one more demon slides his jock into her arse. Ingrid is in the face hole as a demon pumps his load out then that babe acquires a facial. She is banged non stop by all the demons in the room as Kiryuu watches. Three are face hole fucking her as they cum. She pukes out the biggest amount of cum from her throat as all her holes are team-fucked. Her belly inflates as giant amounts of cum enters her anal opening. Ingird then that babe pushes out the cock juice that discharges from her arsehole onto the floor. Kiryuu smiles as Ingrid passes out!

Format: mkv (Matroska)

Duration: 26:32

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)

Audio: 187kbps

The Dark Knight Ingrid HD PXY 10034 English

File size: 649.5 MB

The Dark Knight Ingrid HD PXY 10034 English