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Release Year: 2016

Genres: hentai anime

Miko places Shion on the ground and the Wolf Geist swipes the Slug and it. Two woman with staffs phase in front of the school followed by some other 2. They detect Dolls in the area and some other figure appears saying that one of em has been destroyed and they will watch what Number 7 does and they will proceed the search for Miko. They all teleport out of the area.

Back at Hiroki's room, Shion is awake and this babe explains that that guy can control the force this chab has. He tells her that after the Slug Geist that guy wanted to fuck her badly. She suggests herself to him since that babe has already been and that that babe still has the venom in her body. He grabs her huge scones and plays with her teats teasing em. Her twat is trickling sex cream as that babe cums. He licks her juicy cum-hole then begins to finger it. She cums from the finger banging then that babe notices that babe has a collar around her neck and he's holding the chain. Hiroki says that babe is his sex serf now and puts his pecker inside her love tunnel. His dick receives larger and larger as this chab copulates her bawdy cleft. He cums inside her bawdy cleft and then Shion makes her receive into cowgirl and copulates her afresh until that guy cums once more. He craves her dark hole next, but inserts a rolled up magazine into her snatch 1st then slides it into her arse. Cum is draining out of the magazine as that babe receives screwed in the a-hole. He cums inside her arsehole and the one and the other collapse on the daybed. Shion wishes to fuck once more but they will be late for class!

At the school, students are talking how Shigeru Otahara has disappeared and they think that guy went to the abandoned school. Hiroki acquires called to Yukiko Misuzu room another time. She's expecting for him and wishes to proceed what they did yesterday and goes for his shlong. He makes her stop since Shion is now his. She bites him on the neck and mentions that this chab will become a Geist in 24 hours. He falls to the floor and this babe says that this babe is indeed like him. She's a Snake Geist!!! The venom is working throughout his body now and that babe wishes him to change into Miko. The other side effect of the venom is that that guy will be beneath her control! Hiroki doesn't think so and looks at her with his eyes and this babe instantly begins to her own body as this chab looks on. Shion wonders where this chab is and why it's taking so lengthy. Hiroki makes Yukiko blow him and cums down her face hole. He says this chab has to pee and that babe gladly opens up her face hole and that guy piddles down her mouth!!! She swallows it all! Yukiko is now on a sofa in the room and this guy eats her out beginning with her snatch then moves to her butthole. Yukiko can't hold back and craves him to fuck her butthole. He bonks her booty then this chab asks where this chab can cum. She desires it in one as well as the other her snatch and arse! He pops a load in her a-hole and pulls out. She discharges out the cum all over the ottoman and that guy puts his wang into her slit. Shion enters into the room and sees Yukiko on the ottoman overspread in cum and Hiroki on the floor. Yukiko says to Shion that that babe can tell that babe is his sex serf and jumps off the daybed and escapes. Hiroki wakes up and Shion tells him they need to discover em and a voice from the room tells em where they can discover em. It's Shigeru Otahara in fly form! He says that this chab will aid since Hiroki is the leader of the Geists. The 3 of em come into the abandoned school and meet up with the avid looking teacher who changes into the Cat Geist and that that guy can show em her Doll ally solely if they can defeat him!

Format: mkv (Matroska)

Duration: 30:15

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)

Audio: 187kbps

Shion HD PXY 10031 English

Shion HD PXY 10031 English

Shion HD PXY 10031 English

File size: 474.6 MB

Shion HD PXY 10031 English