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Release Year: 2016

Genres: hentai anime

In an abandoned school, a wicked stud (???) is scared of a woman standing in front of him. Her name is Lydia and that babe has a sword pointed at him. She mentions that his current form is fake. A lizard creature discharges lighting at her knocking her down. The teacher changes form into a Cat Geist and introduces his ally a Thunder Geist called Ura! He planned this trap all along and now this babe is his prisoner! He will acquire the information this chab is after.

Hiroki Asaki is late for his classes and is running but receives hit by a van. At the school, this guy goes to the infirmary to watch Yukiko Misuzu, the school nurse and a teacher. He explains the situation whilst staring at her biggest bazookas. She mentions that that babe has to do a full exam to check him out. He takes off his garments and this babe checks him then mentions that the exams includes a semen example. She pulls out his dick that is trickling precum and that babe begins to give him a oral-stimulation. She mentions that he's large and that this guy get to give it all to her and this chab discharges his cum into her throat and over her face. Hiroki's ally Shigeru Otahara knocks on the door and they quickly acquire clothed. Shigeru mentions this chab has a fresh anime and wishes him to watch it. Hiroki doesn't like the lad and tells him to stop following him.

Back at the abandoned school, Lydia is fastened up and fastened on a daybed. Cat Geist mentions to her that her ally should be coming pretty soon and takes his claws and rips off her costume exposing her biggest bumpers. She won't give him any information and the wall begins to cover her in slime coating her body then her nipps! The Thunder Geist sends a bolt of electricity into her body so that babe can feel greater amount enjoyment. Lydia screams as her teats are milked. The play with her clitoris then shove inside her cookie. Slime runs down her legs as that babe tells the Geist to stop it. Eight greater quantity come into her snatch and go into her belly inflating it so this babe looks preggy! The Cat Geist mentions there is greater amount and a bolt of electricity hits her love button making her squirt and that babe begins to cum! Lydia can't stand being screwed and tells him her partner is a Single. He laughs and mentions that her backdoor is next and that babe is flipped over and it enters her dark hole. They are fucking one as well as the other her holes then this guy flips his fingers as some other bolt hits her enlarged stomach sending her into a giant cum!

Hiroki and some boyfrend students are walking home and they tell him not to walk throughout the park. He could carless and walks throughout in any case. A creature in a trench coat is in front of him and then this chab acquires hit and falls to the ground by a cutie wearing the same costume as Lydia!

Format: mkv (Matroska)

Duration: 28:31

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)

Audio: 187kbps

Shion HD PXY 10019 English

Shion HD PXY 10019 English

Shion HD PXY 10019 English

File size: 537.7 MB

Shion HD PXY 10019 English