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Release Year: 2015

Year: 2015
Genre: act, legal age teenager, Blowjob, Titfuck, Anal
Censorship: None / a patch to remove
Developer / Publisher: Romotron
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Original (licensed)
License: Freeware
Version: 4.3.0
Language games: Russian, English
System requirements (minimum): OS: WinXP / Vista / 7, CPU: PentiumII 450 MHz, RAM: 64 MB, VRAM: 64 MB, HDD: 100 MB
Write a lot will not. Let me just say that the game is built-in point-click (genre closer to the quest). The game is somewhat extended compared to what was, and now there are hidden attributes (ie now watch some content should be solved not merely a quest item, and simply inexperienced to pump this or that characteristic).

File size: 751.4 MB

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