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Release Year: 2016

OS Platforms : [PC] WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10
Genre : Lots of White Cream,Juices ,Pregnancy,Impregnation, Naughty, Ahegao,Gapeface, Interspecies Sex, Chubby,Plump

Dark, sexually excited dream about a gloomy summoner vs. monsters!

The RPG portion has 3 difficulty levels.
Easy mode is super amicable with fast progress, hard mode is a strategic defiance.
You will unlock all CGs by defeating hard mode.
Enemy encounters are predictable thanks to symbols on the screen.
You can make headway with a rhythmical, semi-automatic procession of fight, restore, escape.
Obtain materials when u defeat enemies and use em to make fresh armor and weapons.
Dungeons likewise have an element of hack and slash to em, with discoverable items.
Furthermore, some enemies will use seductive techniques in the centre of battle.
Post-battle fornications may leave the heroine preggo!

* 19 base CGs, over 200 total (with content updates planned)
* Loads of gestation / birth / interspecies sex niche porn
* 3 difficulty levels with a particular unlockable Ultra Hard (requires completion of Hard)
* Standard built-in features: message skip, window hide, gallery mode, etc.

HGame-Bible Violet (TechnoBrake) Ver.2.00

HGame-Bible Violet (TechnoBrake) Ver.2.00

File size: 178.0 MB

HGame-Bible Violet (TechnoBrake) Ver.2.00