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Release Year: 2016

OS Platforms : [PC] WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10
Genre : Fantasy, Harem, Breast Sex, Captivity, Big Breasts

* Story
The Knights of Elenoa are in fact mercenaries defending the realm of Schubertz.
The newly recruited protagonist takes side missions for supplementary money,
and ends up doing one for a mysterious dancer... in a story of darksome fate---...

A classic dream SRPG with 36 chapters worth of scenario maps.

* Main systems
Create a team of Knights with the powers of your choosing: job, skills, weaknesses, growth sort, etc.
Swap skills and job classes (43 possible jobs) for all party members to create the ultimate Knights.
Enjoy a rich multiformity of play: casino, auction, battle, campaign training free map, treasure dungeon...
If HP reaches "0" u will withdraw from battle with injuries and lesser funds but lose no character stats.
Each map has peculiar goals u can achieve for uncommon item awards - making challenges your own
The game difficulty is affable sufficiently for completion by even first-timers (be prepared for a not many failures).
Also, there are in-game hints and walkthroughs for every scenario map.
For advanced gamers, u may try Hard, Lunatic and Luna+ difficulty modes.
* Complete the game on Hard or higher for a slightly different ending.

* Characters
Create a team of over 30 mercenary Knights.
You may issue invitations to enemies to recruit em to your cause.
Challenge and defeat 8 demonic boss rivals, jail em, and capture em
(from chapters 15 onward)

(Kotatsu Guild) Witch Knights Saga-Fantasy

File size: 971.5 MB

(Kotatsu Guild) Witch Knights Saga-Fantasy