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Release Year: 2015

OS Platforms : [PC] WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8
Genre : Female Heroine Only , Virgin Female

In a near future where virtual reality has proliferated,
some users have warped the virtual world for deviant, raunchy purposes.
A youthful hotty ventures into this world to save her mot*er...

Innocence Break is a classic HRPG
77 base CGs (not counting titles, pose or VR login imagery, etc.)

The story progresses by exploring from key points.
Damage likewise the protagonist's clothing.
Enemies are beefy, so judicious use of healing and TP is the key to victory.

The protagonist is a Alicia, a virgin gal.
In the deviant virtual reality world, many will crave her innocence.
Some may take it; some may obliterate it.
Future tech hasn't yet evolved to take her real world virginity by VR.
But, her real world virginity might b taken some other way.

The base genre is violation.
I would consider it vanilla, but there are some deviating situations
the player may -- and can -- select to skip. (It's saved in the gallery.)
Abnormal does not mean grotesque, so u don't have to be nervous.
Some situations involve prostitution and "brothel" style.
Further, there is one situation of romance.

HGame-Innocence Break (Party Nights) Ver.2.20

HGame-Innocence Break (Party Nights) Ver.2.20

File size: 238.0 MB

HGame-Innocence Break (Party Nights) Ver.2.20