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Release Year: 2013

OS Platforms : [PC] WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7
Genre : Clothed ,Fantasy, Violation ,Pregnant Woman

Explore areas as u collect ingredients for a legendary elixir.
Fortify yourself with equipment from enemy drops and events.
Crush the demonic beings who come at u (sexual meaning) out of compassion.

An erotic RPG about a juvenile angel.

Fully customize Faam's head, body, underware and accessories.
Various combinations will assist u learn fresh skills.

H scenes are all founded in assault.
There are many interspecies sex scenes with minotaur, lamia, dragon, etc.
The towns are too full of danger! Watch out for dirty people.
Warning: artwork depicts bulky stomach.
View artwork one time and it will be obtainable to view anew anytime.

HGame-Faam and the Elixir of Youth (Colopot) Ver.1.4

HGame-Faam and the Elixir of Youth (Colopot) Ver.1.4

File size: 96.3 MB

HGame-Faam and the Elixir of Youth (Colopot) Ver.1.4