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Release Year: 2016

Yuichi and Ayuri went to a mountain retreat to prepare for school orienteering.
For their own safety there's a safety perimeter.

When the childhood allies are suddenly locked in, they have to escape!
Ayuri uses her martial arts skills to thrash a path throughout the wild to a recent destination.

They arrive as hoped. But there's a strange big stud!

Ayuri takes him on, but somehow time rolls back and they're trapped another time.

Yuichi remembers what happened up until now. But not Ayuri.
Men come and deflower the amnesiac virgin.

Even then, Ayuri and Yuichi aren't willing to give up. A fresh escape plan is hatched...

- Over 50 base CGs, over 500 variant CGs
- Assault, damaged outfits, sleep sex, enema, exhibition, and pure love also
- Map-based and screen-based progress
- Leveling up restores all full stamina
- Command-based battles
- Enemy encounters can be optionally turned on/off
- Speed battle option
- 1024x768 resolution zoom possible, but pixel quality will degrade

With: gallery mode, auto text, dialogue skip after 1st viewing

Virgin Repeating

Virgin Repeating

File size: 1.6 GB

Virgin Repeating

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