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Release Year: 2016

OS Platforms : [PC] Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10
Genre : Magical Girl, Police, Uniform, Fantasy, Internal Cumshot, Violation

Matsuo Mahono ("Mappo-chan") is a first-year cadet at police school in a magical land.
When her 16 pretty classmates are kidnapp*d, Mapo-chan leaps into rescue mode!
Help Mapo-chan beat back hentai monsters with her baton and save her classmates!

* Nostalgically new!" Multi-directional scrolling event-style shooting-type act
The player (Mappo-chan) needs to rescue the hostpages (16 gals, but it won't be elementary.
Bosses wish to screw as much as they wish to fight -- or greater quantity! What to do?

* Eight (8) colorful worlds with their own strange and unparalleled enemies!
Face over 90 species -- not enemies, Species! -- of rival characters
some of which transform to bring the total to over 100+!

* Literally thousands of anime and map pattern combos across worlds!
With high quality stereo BGM and sound effects (no voice)

* Each world has multiple stages: rescue hostages, fight mini bosses, and then...!
8 worlds, 23 stages

* Over 50+ varieties of "assault animations" (incl. variations)!

* Game over? Play on! Come back stronger than previous to!
After 3 game overs, the player becomes invincible, making boss battles a breeze!
Challenge yourself to do your most good, or go sloppy and reckless!
All gamers will be able to finish all stages. Your approach is your own.

* Easy to use interface
Simple menu (Game begin, Gallery, Save, etc.) and player (Mappo-chan) controls.
If you've played any type of game in the final 20 years it'll feel like second nature;
but if that's not sufficiently, u can receive your toes soaked with the "Practice stage"!

File size: 932.3 MB

HGame-Mahou no Mappo-chan (Erojishi Gumi)