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Release Year: 2016

Supported OSWindows: 2000/xp/vista/7/8/10Macintosh

Pretty guy becomes the female developed "daug*ter thing of the man" (becoming it does not have a woman's body)
Be stud X fellows, and, please warn the woman coz u do not come out.
The text is a viewpoint of the daug*ter side of a dude developed from starting to end.
Even if resist it in the Kokoro, is made to be awakened to oneself as the female little by little; is talked.

The stew that it becomes 2 copies of constitution, and Part 1 is instilled a pleasing feeling of a nipp and the Anal in is Maine
In Part 2, hair grows, and an appearance including the teat enlargement is replaced
Stew is Gang Bang, dirudoonani, medicine of the magic; fun reinforcement, Mugen spunk fountain, the making of icharabu , the fertilization, Nimpu

Enter the cross section (the prostate, the urethra), the expression cut in a part, and there is a Nimpu bote mind scene

19 pieces of basic eroticism scenes 3-10 pieces of + scene difference shares with (an average of 5-6 pieces)
A text difference minute is added to it; 132 pieces in total

A non-eroticism scene for stories is 12 pieces in 3 pieces of basic + text difference minutes

Become 280 pieces in total including the textless difference minute of all scenes

File size: 378.7 MB

HCG- May 29, 2016 Leave Metz; a knight (Naito)( P herb)