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Release Year: 2016

OS Platforms : [PC] WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10
Genre : Sailor-style Uniform Romance Romance Breast Sex Blowjob Naughty Submissive Man

How I met Ruri.

I was ambling down the shopping street.

Until final week I was a high roller in securities on an elite career path.
But now I was just tired, tired of work, tired in my heart, with nowhere to go.

"Guess I'll discover a manga cafe..."

I was looking for a place to take my mind off things.
Instead, I discovered a person.

"Probably a high schooler..."

She looked about 18.
She was charming. Good poise, dignified, but hot.
Her uniform was also tiny.
I felt nostalgic, thinking of my adolescence.
She smiled and looked at me, and it was like this babe saw into my tired soul.

Before I even realized it, we were talking.
Just lazy chit-chat.

She was an oasis in the desert of society.
Thirsting for the water of her solace, I followed her to the love hotel.

* Shimizuan presents a fapworthy animation (movie) product:
Meet Ruri on the street in the shopping district,
talk at the love hotel, then touch, explore your raunchy feelings, romance.

* Voiced by Popura Sawano

"I like mature chaps like u. You have experience. You're precious at sex.
I'm still not at your level, but I'm assured too."

Good for her word, Ruri starts with her face hole, then her love muffins, then...
Please have a fun this intimate intimacy with a high school angel.

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HGame- May 21, 2016 The High School Girl I Met That Day (Shimizuan)