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Release Year: 2016

I-Mifuyu Hanai that this school teacher, I'm worried about is that of a certain one of the student.
Conspicuously inconspicuous a quiet male students and Koda Shinji.
Ever since entering this class, it appears to be to very much subject to bullying.
Order to specifically talk about the future and the present situation, decided to attract the Koda-kun to life Shidoshitsu.
While care about silently look down Koda-kun, I whisper gently.
While still Nozokikomi his face that does not tell him everything, or would have been when I was likewise vomited a miniature breath.
"I Kuku ...... do not worry, sir. Because I, I have been directed to be bullied."
Koda-kun to mysteriously Waraikaesa been in, I did not know what was told everything for a pont of time.
When u do not have his own compassion, to commit suicide, leaving a suicide note in which the bullying bother -
To say so, to have been bullied in order to intimidate me that guy says.
Puppet people, people who desire to think of yourself.
To do so, too hurt the people too a lie calm. It is, was the nature of the Koda-kun.
"I, is much ...... teacher I was in the mood, I wonder if, out of any voice."
If noticed, it had been clutched the wrist.
Koda-kun is that things ...... it that clasped a big syringe ...... No, looked like a massive enema.
"Hey, let, teacher ...?"
Genre: School, Teachers, Striptease, Oral, Blowjob, Anal, Footjob, Big bumpers
Censorship: Is in game
Year of release: 2016
Developer/publisher: Appetite
Platform: PC/Windows
Edition sort: Original (license)

File size: 656.2 MB

Anal Teacher - Kando Ryou Koumon!? Gyaku Lesson