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Release Year: 2016

Supported OS Windows Windows:Vista/7/8/8.1 (the 64bit version is out of a movement guarantee)
System Requirement Be recommended greater amount than CPU:Pentium3 800MHz required / Pentium4 1.3GHz
Memory: Be recommended greater quantity than 1GB required / 2GB
Graphic: 800*600 high collar required / Full Color recommendation
VRAM: Be recommended greater quantity than 16MB required / 32MB
Sound: PCM sound source for DirectSound is required
DirectX: Be essential after 9.0c

Genre: Big Tits Horny Masturbation

A time until the opening of the morning.
A chief character comes to feel depressed.
For one month, be each day to be turned to the fresh post, and to do busily.
It is work, but be not merely em.
Be driven hard like an apprentice by with the habit.
Be feeling the reason that a guy of the having taken up the post formerly left to be hurt.

On such one day, a certain Purojiekuto is over, and be summoned to the place of the launching.
who the is contained, and heat up greater amount than ordinary.
The snack of the of such em was a chief character.
The chief character that it proceeds being played with by little hotty walking twice.
And be mentioned own hobby, and pikipiki and Kokoro of the patience crack.
The chief character beyond the limitation of the patience promised revenge to em.
Outwardly the chief character who looks for weakness during the time that always making a street.
Gradually clench their weakness, and start Taming named the revenge.

File size: 791.3 MB

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