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Release Year: 2016

Supported OS Windows Windows:Vista/7/8/8.1/10
System Requirement More than CPU:PentiumIII 800MHz (more than 7/8:1GHz)
Memory: More than 512MB (more than Vista/7/8:1GB)
Graphic: Be Full Color greater amount than 1,280*720
DirectX: After 9.0

"The tail which I separated"……Regained it

"The Shuu (Inoue learns it) finds the cutie who looked sad at the home of the station in a wild boar".

Another person and the gal who thought,
In fact, in the angels who were going to take it for one more person,
When I noticed that it was the existence that a angel was hard to change into anyone, have already begun to run.

Give up all vigour, and squeeze the Shuu, and run,
Caught a hand of the So, and took it right in advance of a beauty jumped into a track.

And the Shuu puts a tongue in the throat of the angel.

File size: 344.5 MB

HGame-Feb 26, 2016 Tail ... that tail limit ... of the lizard is not cut(Cyclet)