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Release Year: 2016

OS Platforms : [PC]
WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10
Genre : Cosplay Naughty Outdoor Exposure Ashamed Gangbang Interspecies Sex

Version 1.03

The old demon ruled with fear over human and demon alike,
until that demon was toppled by a hero.
A recent ruler will rise. Her name is Melissa.

She possesses the vigour of her predecessor.
However, growing up in a world of mixed species
that babe adopted the ways of humans.

A human hero called Lufia came to Melissa's castle
to suggest a formal greeting.
It's true the hero who slayed the old demon was a rival,
but Melissa expressed gratitude.

But then Melissa's trusted associate Marina
saw Lufia behave suspiciously.
At the pont of time of trying to stop what came next,
a holy curse was cast by the hero that shrouded em all.

Why had that babe done this!?
Melissa raged.
The curse affected all 3 of em,
and now nobody could use magic.

Other demons had come to the castle to watch Lufia,
but finding the 3 infirm cuties,
the male demons were acting strangely.
They appeared to be aroused...

The pleasing that ensued was terrible.

When it was over, the gals realized their magic had returned.
Melissa unleashed a vengeful wave of destruction,
obliterating the demons that had assaulted em but too
destroying half the castle in the process.
They understood. Somehow, the demon spunk
had been converted into magic energy.

File size: 903.5 MB

HGame- Jun 22, 2016 Sexy Chronicles of Demon Queen Melissa (acerola) Ver.1.03