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Release Year: 2016

Genres: hentai anime

The World Tree, Yggdrasil rises so gallantly. Underneath Yggdrasil is a biggest fuckfest of monsters, demons and orcs woman. Odin the ruler of gods is watching over it all. The Valkyries who came to save the world are now being drilled. Loki appears to defiance Odin. Odin has shut the gate of the River of Wisdom that runs underneath Yggdrasil and in five days the world will end. Loki needs to enslave the 2 keys from 2 Valkyries, Suvia and Sigurd. Those 2 keys are in their uteri! He captured the Chief of Valkyries, Freya who is now a sex bondman who gave him all this information.

Loki and Flungluni, a massive green brute set off to discover the 2 Valkyries. On a battle field, Suvia and Sigurd fight and Suvia beats her down. She announces to Loki and Flungluni that they can have Sigurd merely if that babe can join the Hades Army!

With Sigurd in chains, one as well as the other Valkyries go into the castle. Loki surprises em one as well as the other. They come into Flungluni's chamber and Freya is giving him a oral-sex. She wishes em to join in engulfing his giant dick. Flungluni blows his load right into Freya's throat and all over face. Another monster grabs Freya and this babe asks if he's going to permeate her next. Flungluni wishes the fresh bondman, Sigurd to clean up the cum and this guy wipes her face in it. She doesn't like it and Suvia says that babe will assist instead and approaches Flungluni. Near his schlong, that babe surprises him and cuts off his arm and Sigurd takes a slice at him too. Both Valkyries go and assist free Odin and that guy gives em a gift, but it's an illusion! Loki puts chains around their wrists and they are in the dungeon of the castle. With Flungluni and Loki watching em, Flungluni picks Sigurd to receive the key and for revenge. Loki mentions Suvia other name, Princess of Prishintia.

Suvia is now on the ottoman with her legs widen wide. Loki mentions this chab will acquire the key no matter what as come out from beneath the ottoman. In a chamber, Flungluni slaps Sigurd and rips off her brassiere and petticoat. She mentions that guy won't receive what he's after and Flungluni laughs. A animal appears and injects a Love Potion directly into her teats. The move into her cookie injecting one more potion. Her mounds start to expand and a penis grows above her bawdy cleft!!! The permeate her muff and around her scoops making her weenie grow and her nipps extend. Flungluni then says the solely thing that will satisfy her is his huge pecker. In a daze, Sigurd craves it but stops herself. Flungluni pushes his huge weenie into her fur pie in position. He bonks her sluggishly then this babe begins to discharge milk out of her wobblers!

Back in Loki's room, Suvia is getting by the monsters. They rip off her raiment and begin to play with her snatch as Loki watches. Sigurd mentions that guy will not at any time acquire what this guy is after and the latches onto her mangos as some other sucks on her love button. Suvia squirms as the her body and calls Loki a pervert. Juices run out of her bawdy cleft onto her body. Loki flips her over with her gazoo in the air and sticks his shlong into her virgin wet crack. He begins to fuck her and Suvia grabs the sheets as that guy pumps a load of cum inside her! Switching back to Flungluni dungeon, Sigurd is riding him with breast pumps on her milk cans. Back in Loki's room, cum drains from Suvia's slit onto the floor and Loki mentions that this babe will become his woman and that the key is final on his list!

Format: mkv (Matroska)

Duration: 26:56

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)

Audio: 187kbps

File size: 487.3 MB

Valkyrie Suvia English PXY-10016 HD