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Release Year: 2016

Genres: hentai anime

Loki has sent Valkyrie Suvia into a cave with the massive red horned animal, Minmotta! Suvia is getting drilled by his huge dong and is being helped by 2 huge boar monsters! Suvia tells Minmotta his shlong is ribald and needs to pull it out. He moves the on the tip of his rod and Suvia screams. One of the boar monsters pecker is dripping precum and this chab puts it in her throat. Loki is watching the act from the cave entrance wondering if the key that babe is holding in her womb will be retrieved. Suvia is getting double pumped by 2 huge ramrods and this babe craves it to stop. The boar monsters are using their tongues on her scoops. The boar monster is the 1st to cum right into Suvia's throat as that babe creams on Minmotta's huge penis. Minmotta can't hold it and grabs her into his arms then drops her on the floor. A spray of white cum hits Suvia all over her body. Loki asks how that babe liked being r*ped by the giants. She doesn't care and Loki exits the cave to talk to Flungluni. Flungluni mentions this chab left Sigurd with his Goblin henchmen and that that guy will start her "Flesh Modification" to phase 2!

Valkyrie Sigurd is surround by 13 goblins that are her body. Wiping their knobs on her body, licking her face and touching her milk cans. One of em sticks his knob into her muff as one more goblin put his knob in her a-hole. Sigurd's love button dick begins to grow and one of the goblins begins to jack it off. She can't aid it but squirts milk out of her milk cans into the air and out of her snatch. The goblins desire to cum too and squirt loads all over her body covering it in white sticky sex cream. Flungluni is now in the dungeon and makes his 2 monsters bind Sigurd and they set in their lengthy schlongs into her wet crack. Flungluni tells Sigurd that her cookie is now being with some other potion that will expand her muff gap to accommodate giant knobs. A enters her bawdy cleft and expands her g-spot that will be sensitive to any touch!! She instantly squirts cum out of her cunt and her nipps discharge out milk. Flungluni is not done yet! He wishes to expand her chocolate hole but suggests her to say the word muff but that babe will not. She's not kinky. Flungluni laughs and enlarges her rectal hole then sticks needles into her enlarged clitoris to make it even larger. Sigurd screams and cums anew as her love button grows into a biggest love button wang.

Loki is giving Suvia a washroom and notices that her milk shakes have grown larger. She doesn't like being touched and Loki shows her his hard knob. Loki begins to rub is dick on her wobblers and this babe begins to think about fucking his penis. She denies her thoughts but cum is trickling out of twat. He then uses her throat as a fuck aperture and pushes his rod in. She sucks him off then this guy says he's about to cum. She tries to say no and that guy shoves her head down into to his rod as it spurts into her face hole. She moves away with cum flying everywhere and lands on the floor. Loki notices a pool of cunt juice on the floor and Suvia wishes to be drilled but that guy walks away. A glowing pink ball asks him why that guy didn't fuck her and receive the key. He mentions that it's Flungluni that this guy should be worried about.

Sigurd is now being screwed by a fish monster during the time that Flungluni looks on. He tells her it will stop if this babe gives him the key. Sigurd screams that that babe is cumming during the time that the monsters shlong copulates her and jacks off her biggest clitoris with it's . The monsters weenie expands inside her and moves up inside her body coming out of her face hole! She begins squirting from her twat and her wobblers discharge out milk as Flungluni tells her stop cumming and to give him the key.

Format: mkv (Matroska)

Duration: 26:31

Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264)

Audio: 187kbps

Valkyrie Suvia English PXY-10022 HD

Valkyrie Suvia English PXY-10022 HD

File size: 479.4 MB

Valkyrie Suvia English PXY-10022 HD

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