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Release Year: 2014

Fairy princess pudding with elf and brute of the half goes fallen is insulting to the goblin in the large milk shakes in Muchimuchi
New sense AVD, which unfolds in the dream view of the world, the story of the heroine pudding.

The 3DCG still image and a moving image in the background, the greater quantity enliven 2DCG the scenes, such as sound effects and screen effects (concentration line) to balloon dialogue
Animation in a multi-layer display. Playback of heroine voice to fit the balloon is displayed on the screen such as clicking.
System is intuitive and effortless, recollection and operation description screen is available at all times. We focused on your ease of crunchy progress.

Story entire volume, all 92 scenes - capacity: 2.14GB
Still image CG: 20 sheets Video: 157 cut onomatopoeic Video: 84 cut screen effect: 6 cut
Heroine lines: 204 voice pant voice: 106 voice
Fairy lines: 94 voice pant voice: 48 voice
Goblin lines: 270 narration text: 112 scenario text: 92
SE ยท H sound effects: 64 (except system and other) BGM: 3 songs (except the title and other)

This work is becoming AVD using Flash. The main Flash Player (8 or later - latest)
Screen resolution can be full screen or free scaling in 1200px 800px.
It can continue merely with the mouse in the game screen button. Keyboard likewise please use according to the PC environment.
Smooth and to some extent of the machine vigour to play, resolution 1200px 800px or greater amount displays recommended clips.

The trial version is deployed in a still image-based and video-based has been mainly including the 2 types of story scene.
From being confirm the operation at the 1st trial, thank u to consider your purchase.

Now work for about one hour if one of the vids. Crunchy progress does not take probably a pair of minutes at the click roll!
Looking carefully, Hata likewise fly to your favourite scene from the recollection! Also make many times your beloved act,
Listen to your beloved words to another time and have a fun your free!

Was a big increase Ver.UP to meet the request
Story sequel has been added in this Ver.UP. Part II is a big increase in the amount of 1.53GB in all the clip configuration.
Additional main content was given priority as much as possible. Thing was rock hard ones were often-requested,
It is possible to nearly meet include, but became a darker content!
Camera angle, the heroine is easily visible placement, tempo, improvements such as increase in the amount of juice representation.
Pudding Piledriver and restraint Anal, ring add a scene such as a secondary aperture Trombone and physique insertion.
Stay tuned to the pudding and the ring going fallen in the face to the A!

Version-up information
Series name: Haru
Age specified:
Movies format:
Coterie software
Video Movies
file format :
Supported OS:

WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows8.1 / Windows10

Yes voice
There is music
3D Movies
Yes Reviews
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File size: 2.1 GB

(Flash) Fairy fell to the princess pudding deep forest Bond