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Release Year: 2016

Supported OSWindows: 7/8/10
System Requirement A CPU: More than recommended Intel Core i7 2.66GHz
Memory: More than recommended 4GB
An HDD: More than recommended 10GB

Genre:Virgin,Simulation,Hypnotism & Brainwashing,Cheating Wife,Creampie,Sex Slave,Big Tits

Persecution, violence, indifference, it were his Nichijou in the Campus.
Kokoro was disturbed each day, and was used to injury tai, and dignity was stamped on.

Toadies of Yankee Gal and the So called the Izuo Yuu Nozomi.

In the Koto which aims at em for the masturbation, satisfy darksome greed.
Were the highest possible revenge that this guy could do it.
To a return road of the day of the So…….

If "Boy walking there is worthy, how about even Fortune‐telling?"

Were hailed, and there was a miniature Fortune‐telling shop in the back alley when I turned around.
Would there be the Fortune‐telling shop in the place with a little such pedestrian traffic?
The fortune-teller that the guy came from Egypt. Oh, introduce itself as = vuuotokkoru.

The fortune-teller guesses his present conditions right in sequence, and mutter final.
"Knowledge shiyasuyo, a dark kite are facile, and let's say to u who have low deviation value"
"You handle Kokoro of Mesubuta, and should rule"

File size: 777.7 MB

HGame-January 12, 2016 Hypnos FucK- Hypnos fuck  Ver. (Beruzebubu)