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Release Year: 2016

Supported OS Windows Windows: 7/8/10
System Requirement More than CPU:Core i3
Memory: More than 2GB
Graphic: 1,024*768 Full Color
Sound: WAVE sound source
DirectX: After 11.0
Genre: Widow Big Tits Love Voyeur Cheating Wife (NTR)

With virginal love of the weak sex life with the Suna night of the questionnaire popularity vote 1st place in the game,
Of the "combination vote 1st place carried out with alicesoft blog to wish to see"
Around Ai and Takeo is cut out, and, with the story of 2 of hen, wife migui 3 spin-off is an appearance!

File size: 473.8 MB

HGame-June 24, 2016 Be cut out wife migui 3 spin-off innocent love, and set it(Alicesoft)