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Release Year: 2016

File Format : JPEG
OS Platforms : [PC]WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows8.1 / Windows10
[Smartphone]Browser streaming
Genre : Abnormal ,Shota, Cuckoldry, Homosexual (Male) Anal

After his m*ther died, an increasingly troubled youthful chap lived with his stepf*ther.
As that guy drifted wayward, this chab discovered an old picture of his woman with a dude that guy didn't recognize.

"Could this be my real man...?"

On the back of the photo was an address. The lad decided to discover him.
He went to the address hoping for a more excellent life, not realizing that it could receive much worse.

"You..." told the chap in the picture. "You're Kasumi's brat? You have her face."

The stud invited him in and got dr*nk during the time that they reminisced about his m*ther. The lad fell asleep.
When this guy opened his eyes later, his fat*er was leering down at him.

"You truly do have your woman's looks..."

The old fellow was going to him! The lad suddenly regretted coming here, but it was also late!!

1800x1350 size, 17 base fotos + variations
90 total works (+ text, effect-free variations for 250 total works)

File size: 164.3 MB

Doujinshi-Jul 28,2015Musuko NTR (mizu)