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Release Year: 2016

Fixed a bug (Ver1.01)


Natsuki is head but bad smile full of country cutie.

While teasing and Chibi of Chinchikurin, classmates and villages of the people and the parents of migrant
Away Natsuki had watched as family gently over the mind to live by.
Had the warmth of the country unparalleled in there.

Among such.
Natsuki to the town who are parents are going to meet at the starting of the summer vacation.
And it came back !!

Nasty mega development was ... it is not supposed to be off a Natsuki
Kindness of classmates and villages of people change to is play taiko!
Beginning-of pleasure summer vacation in the raunchy knowledge of Natsuki no etch.


Short scenario clear sort, village etch event specialized, is ignorance situ specialization of RPG.

Although the purpose of which is leisurely spend a summer vacation
Ya there village of guys will come gimmick that this and when the erotic.

Battle does not have solely a little
Up to Positions Select seven in the Battle fuck of full animation, enemy of Positions Select eight (anime is shared with the village etch events)

Erotic events move in the key operation Motion etch!
Up and down Dari massaged pointer sisters in, or turn the billibongs by tracing square, or put the switch of Vibe and rotor
And plugging the switch port on the left and right (with cross-sectional view!)

Massaging various milk, outerwear undressing, turning petticoat, Blow, carpet munch, Footjob, intercrural sex, rotor, rich Positions, 4P various such as such as 40 or greater quantity!

This game is made with RPG Maker VX Ace.
Please be sure to check the operation of the trial version.
(Because the trial version of the save data may have trouble occurs
Please do not use the full version)

Sale Date: 01 January 11, 2016
Last updated: Jan 31, 2016
Version-up information
Age specified:
Movies format:
Coterie game
Role-playing game
file format :
Supported OS:

WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows10

There is music
Yes Reviews
Sectional view heartwarming ponytail Busty Tits ignorance ignorance

Recommended Pentium Dual-Core 2.0GHz or greater amount
1GB or greater amount recommended
500MB or greater amount recommended
Please confirm the operation need to always trial version!

File size: 416.1 MB

(Game) Ignorance Tsu summer vacation

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