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Release Year: 2010

Supported OS Windows Windows:XP/Vista (the 64bit version of XP/Vista is out of a movement guarantee)
System Requirement Be recommended greater quantity than /Pentium4 1.5GHz greater quantity than CPU:PentiumIII 1GHz
Memory: Be recommended greater amount than 256MB greater quantity than /512MB
Resolution: Be recommended greater amount than /1024X768 Full Color greater amount than 800X600 high collar
VRAM: More than 2MB
Sound: Sound card corresponding to Direct Sound

Genre: Humiliation Animation

"The kingdom" where people send trust to the rule of the King, and a city does well.
A realm to watch at a glance peacefully. However, a Maou castle called "the Aasugarudo" floated on the continent.
Were the Aasugarudo which did not arrive exceedingly by hand of the person, but a continent and the Aasugarudo were tied jointly with a gate called "Bifrost", and mutual traffic was enabled. Only as for the person who held a weapon as for none of as for what passed throughout the gate as for one as well as the other person of the Tenkuu and the ground person even as for the traffic. A ghastly fight to wash the blo*d with blo*d has been iterated many times.

The fencer who the chief character achieves many achievements in "", and is sent great trust to to a monarch and people.
The send-off party that the attack to a Maou castle is carried out at final on that day. The chief character opened an oath with the princess of the fiance, and left.
Clipped out the fierce attack of many demons, and the "Aasugarudo" inside of a castle which a chief character lastly sneaked into was awfully quiet.
Defeat the Maou which appeared in an Emperor's chair over there plainly.
And it is soldiers of the ally who came throughout a fierce battle to Koko jointly that appear previous to a chief character doing *ki.

File size: 1.1 GB

HGame-February 12, 2010 King of the castle puppet of the Rin shame (Clockup)