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Once the detective agency came a beauty. Here is her story: a ally of the angel fell asleep during a session at the massage parlor, and that babe had been . The whole process is recorded on movie scene. Blackmailed, that babe tried to commit suicide. The police were feeble. He hoped to assist former mentor - Masafumi, who now works as an assistant in the detective agency. He, as well as 2 detectives Karen and Rio have to unravel the crime, to acquire to the attackers.
These criminals kidnap sweethearts and below the influence of drugs will break em, and then sell the slaves on the underground market. This scheme is well-known to the detectives, as are the villains. Because of overdose, cuz of these bandits the ally Rio, and Karen used to be one of the slaves for sale. She miraculously managed to save during a raid, and it is merely not long ago passed a rehabilitation course. the cuties will be able to cope with the ghosts of the past and assist the client the?

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The Venus Files