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Release Year: 2016

Production year: 2016
Genre: Adventure, TRPG

Platform: PC / Windows

English language
System requirements:
CPU: PentiumII 300MHz,
RAM: 64 mb, VRAM 16 is compatible with DX 8.1
HDD: 2.65 Gb
Description: Hakuoro, one time was discovered consisting of 2 gals in the woods not far from their village. He was severely injured and lost his memory, the hotty brought him home and nursed him to recovery. Hakuoro after recovery began to live in this village, but in advance of Hakuoro discovered it is place in the life of the village, the village was subjected to powerful pressure from the greedy emperor. Shortly thereafter, that guy led a revolt against the emperor.

File size: 3.7 GB

The One of Whom Legends Are Sung