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Release Year: 2007

Genre: Date-sim, Adventure, Lesbians, Straight, Striptease
Year: 2007
Platform: PC / Windows
License: Freeware
Language: Angliyky
Language: Angliyky
System requirements
Operating System - Windows / XRsp1
Processor - Pentium / Athlon 1 GHz
RAM - 256 MB
Video - SVGA AGP graphics card
Drive - 4-speed CD-ROM
Hard drive - 1 GB of free space
The sound - any sound card
Management - keyboard, mouse

What can fantasy of a juvenile student, got to the hostel, where one dude has to ten beauties?
What kind of study are we talking about, if u are surrounded by the majority erotic and not chaste classmate?
And how can u sit still, if all your secret wants can be realized at any pont of time? We just need to make a little ingenuity, persistence and charm ...
"Sex, honeys and rock`n`roll!" - Now it's your creed!

File size: 3.7 GB