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Release Year: 2016

OS Platforms : [PC]WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / Windows8.1 / Windows10
Genre : Abnormal Dirty Talk Cross-section View Bukkake Facial Internal Cumshot

"I like u. Will u go out with me?"

It was my 1st confession. Then,

"...... My bad. I already like anybody. Really sorry, tho."

It was my 1st rejection. The sting was not petite.
But I had imagined this outcome. Actually, I guess I kind of expected it.

"I watch. Okay. But, I have a feeling we'll meet like this again."

He looked at me with a curious tilt of the head as we went our separate ways.
I liked to see him on our morning commute.
He had a tough look but a pleasant face. Also this chab was tall and fit. Kind of a dreamboat.

(But that was just his outward appearance. His true nature I knew, I had seen it.)

I'd been taking secret images of him for a whilst. I knew he'd been groped by a woman.

(And yet this chab hadn't resisted when that babe touched him.)

Yes, it's uncommon, but chicks grope dudes on the trains. But what surprised me
was the lad I like's reaction. He tolerated her silently, although is face told that guy
wasn't enjoying it... yeah, that's definitely his sort.

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